PHP Classified Script is leading classified software provider. We believe branding the classified website is very important, else it could be lost in millions of domains. So our classified software take note of this important requirement. We provide certain tools for easy branding of your classified website using our Startup version of our classified software.

Your name is most important to brand & it starts with looking into the domain name. It should be small & catchy name, easy to remember by your market audience. attractive domain can give you over night edge in crowded market.

Next starts with name is to create logo around it. It gives your brand an existence. In a market dominated by brands , a good logo act as a differentiate for your classified website. Logo should be made attractive with help of font, color & size. The same should be embedded in the outgoing automated emails or any mode of communication with the customers.Further the same brand colors & brand logo should be extended to customize with colors, pricing tables, colors of website design, favico (bookmark icon). In our classified software in settings area you can easily update all the stuff in the admin of classified software.

Most important then is main image on the home page of website, that should speak about itself, we recommend to us any good stock image only with complete copyright. Better quality pictures gives your website a very good competitive edge in the marketplace.

Once the basic stuff is in place we would recommend updating profile, Terms, Pricing & Contact details. Put down the couple of articles that speaks about your market. This should get your self with starting up a classified website.

Our classified software provides easy to manage tools to handle the activity for customization. We also provide classified website project customization which includes classified website design & Classified website customization. Please feel free to contact us for pricing & Demo links of classified software

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