PHP  Classified Script we talk to several new & existing classified website owners, we have helped several businesses to work out a successful launch. The launch is not secret blue print, but simple step by step process, that needs to be taken care to launch a successful classified website. Based on our experience we listed out 5 points to create success launch blue print. This blueprint can help you guide over the launch.

Online Research: Most Important Part

With any new business launch research is critical same is the case with launch of classified website. A proper research helps you gain the important aspects of market. Market size, competition, what are people looking the most, what are people asking the most, What are people paying money for. Also look for popular products, categories; brand people are reviewing the most.

Offline Research: Know the neighbors

It is very important to know offline business that will be using the classified website. Are your customers more internet savvy or internet penetration is not that popular in your category. Depending upon their savviness you can offer them simple or complex product offering. Keep this more open by talking to customers or business. Do not opt for regular survey method. This has to be simple and just create a relationship around it.

Do Not Copy
There is no reason you should copy as most classified website owners tend to copy the best in the market, thinking that it to be most successful. You end up creating a service with low brand appeal as people tend to compare and you lose when compared as big classified site tends to do lot of advertising this tend to make you lose in the longer run.

Scripting Your Needs: Get 100% ready

Once you are ready you can talk to team at php classified script . net and you can discuss with complete privacy assured for your needs, as we tend to offer simple, custom or even advance classified website needs.

Test Test : Online recipe for online success

Just as any successful business takes time to settle, classified business requires patience & perseverance for a successful story. Once you have launched you need to test your operations may it be UI, ad posting process or ad placements – everything needs to be tested and modified as required, till you get a satisfactory response.

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