Internet is getting bigger & bigger. Which means small niches are getting bigger as well? And for any company to target entire industry is very daunting task. Most favorable way is to target niche or particular segment that is seen unexplored so you can achieve leadership in that segment and you may grow with it.

Same goes when you are starting a classified website. It may require herculean marketing effort to target complete industry at large but targeting segment or industry niche could be far more easier. Niche could be further be explained as dividing the market on various parameter, a good example of niche would be

Eg: India divided into geography niche like eg: Gujarat, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore

Eg: Industry divided into various industry segments like eg: Textile & Fashion , Security Products, Machinery or say Construction Machinery

When you work on niche it becomes easier to target the audience you are after. You marketing efforts remain focused and probability of success increases. This also is regarded ideal way for startups or small business who would like to taste waters of online business. PHP Classified Script works with any niche it can be customized very easily to requirement of particular industry. Further targeting niche also help to rank yourself well in the search engine.  While setting up classified niche you can do following to get yourself well in the niche.

[notification type=”success”] 5 Simple niche customization you can take care while launching classified website [/notification]

  • Domain : Choose a domain name that is favorable to your niche
  • Enhance : Choose a design, pictures that goes very well with your industry or segment you have chosen, additional efforts for logo or banner can help you as well to brand your self
  • Category: Set up a category with pictures. You can do this from the admin of php classified script
  • Content : Post some content that is related to your industry, you can do this from the CMSContent Management System from the admin in our scrip.
  • Premium Customization : You can order premium customization that can customize your post ad form & search to your industry requirement.

 With this small guide we are sure this will help you to plan your classified website. IF you need any kind of help you may contact our sales team, they would be glad to assist you. Contact Now

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