is leading classified service provider, we provide script , script customization like themes, addons payment gateway integrations & more. Our classified script is ready to use , easy to use for various business niches. It is complete dedicated solution for any body looking for classified website solution. Script can be customized for the requirement like for the business model

-> Classified Fixed Price Model

Here enduser pays only for a fixed price for a advert for a paticular time frame validity.This is most preferred model, Several
business prefer this model, there are several big niche leaders prefer this model.

-> Classified Freemium Model / Pay only for Enhancement Model

This is most used model on Internet. As free ad attracts most user to try the website. So various growing internet business uses this model. Here user does not pays for the ad but he is charged for enhancements or important placements of the ads.

-> Classified Membership Price Model

This is monthly pricing model is popular with niches like jobs or similar where huge quantity of ad posting is required. This is also
has to be cost effective for the model to be popular.

There is no clear winner or the best model , one needs to look into niche , requirement of the audience then work out a business model that is clear winner for Owner & Customers of the website.

Further more we would be adding to Classified Business , So keep tune to the blog. For Special Pricing on our new release contact us

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