Classified clone website / craigslist clone or newly created business classified website

Many client approaches with asking for classified clone website like craigslist clone or gumtree  clone or kijiji clone or olx clone or similar classified website clone. But as a classified web development company we recommend a new or promote new exclusive Idea, but most people stick to those requirement & YES – We do Classified Clones .

But when a business creates a clone , a lot is lost in the process of creation of clone classified website

As a business you fail to create brand as you are copying the other brand

As a business you fail to create intellectual property which could be used to enhance goodwill or help you to get the funding. ( Investors fund unique, Innovative, brand able & scalable business)

Customers visiting website soon realize that they are on wrong site as they did not get same exposure, they may not return back – Just as it is said “First impression is the best impression” clone website work against it.

We would recommend to come out with simple & user friendly concept for your classified website brand it & market aggressively in your niche. It does not cost a fortune to do all this. Get in touch with our sales team, for your classified website requirements