Craigslist is world’s top classified website, founded by Craig Newmark in 96. It first started in  SF Bay Area then expanded to other cities.It has billion page views & it was 10 th most visited website in US.It is worth billion dollars and has has just 40 approx employees

1. Mostly it is free

Cragislist started free till date most of its location and categories are free. Certain categories were made paid to pay its staff that was handling abuse/spams in those categories. The free is most tempting for internet users to come back and post ad regularly on the site.

2. Trust , Value for its users

With course of time the CL has built an trust and created value around it. This has keept its existing community growing.

3. Functionality is important over design

Since its inception the site had focussed on functionalities over the design. It has just minimal java script and css. This attitude has kept debating the media and designers, but yes it has worked till date.

4. Flag off – if it spamming

Any thing that community find not good can be flag off, this has built trust among the users and it
also have CL editors to find annoying list to be taken off.

Before starting any classified website one should care to look at old style built newspaper classified
website that given run for money to newspapers giants.Interesting its strategies are used by Pentagon as well. provides classified script for new website owners who wants to start with newspaper classified script.

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