Business & Individuals start classified website to attract website traffic so audience is attracted towards the website & same the down the line can be converted into revenues for the website. Classified website can generate money for website owner. If properly installed and traffic plan has been worked out. PHP Classified Script has certain important features that helps business owners to generate revenues and we work closely with customer to help and setup the entire operation

There are several methods to monetize the audience it all depends on the business model business owner is working upon, below are some standard way of making revenues or money from the classified website.

1) Paid Monthly Membership

with membership model user can be allocated certain amount of ads each month, they are charged a small amount monthly, this model can become ongoing revenue generator.PHP Classified Script has ability to be configured with this model, one needs to buy an addon to configure this model.

2) Paid Per Ad or Enhanced Ads

Most commonly used classified model for generating revenues is this model, this model is very cost effective model. User is either charged on premium ads or based on enhancements buys, enhancements helps Ad to be easily viewable.This is most common model, most bigger classified websites work on this model. Our software supports this revenue option as well

3) Third Party Banners ( eg : Google Adsense )

This can start generating revenue from day one as you go live with the website, but it demands traffic on the website, more the traffic , more revenue with the banners can be generated. This model has become profitable in last few years, most classified website owners tend to be moving with this model. Our classified website software has all features required to work out this model.

4) Money is the List

This is the email list that has been created over the time with user registered these user can be used to send newsletter which can marketing messages to generate revenues. Big marketing networks find this most lucrative they count on such lists to generate revenue It can be carried out month after month and a decent audience can be pulled from the same.

5) Affiliate Network

Affiliate network is similar to banner networks but the revenues are generated on the sale only, this tends to be very competitive & requires more efforts. But revenue generated is more than banner network generating in most cases.

PHP Classified Script can help working out business classified website. We also offer customization & support services. To know more about our software please feel free to contact us.

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